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The Color Excerpts (Oct. 31, 2016)

Mike shook his head. “No can do, boss. I got a date with your

girl this Saturday.”

“My girl?” Roc thought for a second. “You don’t wanna date
any of my girls. You’ll come back with some shit. That’s why I take
penicillin like it’s chewing gum.”

“Bro, I’m trying to eat here,” Al said. Junior dropped his fork
in agreement.

“That is disgusting,” Mike added. “And you might want to reevaluate
your life after that, but the girl I’m talking about is Daisy.”

“Daisy, Daisy, Daisy? I don’t know any Daisy.”

“The bartender at The Spot. The one that dissed you earlier
this week.”

Junior’s eyes grew big. “No way! Dude, how’d you pull that off?”

“I picked her up in the rain after we left The Spot, and the rest
is history.”

Roc shook his head. “You are one selfish individual, you know

Mike threw his hands up. “How am I selfish?”

“You see a chick that I want, and you go ahead and swoop in
right under me to take her away—exactly like you used to do in
high school.”

“I didn’t swoop! There was no swooping.”

“Yes, you did, Mike. I know you.”

Mike’s face scrunched up like he was about to cry. “Is the big
black teddy bear gonna cry because I took his girl?” Mike said,

“I think he is,” Al joined in with his own whine. They cried

“Man, forget both of y’all,” Roc said. “Ain’t nobody crying over
no stuck-up bitch, and yes, I said it.”

“So tell us what happened, Mike,” Al said.

“Like I was saying, I picked her up because it was raining. She
saw the car, and she couldn’t resist, so she hopped in. I’m spitting
mad game to her. She could barely control herself. I mean, her
brain almost exploded.”

“Probably from your breath,” Roc said. It got a few laughs, but
everyone was too invested in the story to pay attention to Roc.

“Anyway, we’re getting to know each other, and I throw on
some Frank Ellis, right? She…goes…crazy. Turns out she’s a big
fan. Long story short, I’m taking her to a show this weekend.”

“Classic Mike,” Al said approvingly.

“I still can’t believe you got a date with her,” Junior said. “That
chick is always turning guys down. I’ve never seen anyone get close
to her the whole time we’ve been going to The Spot.”
Mike let the compliments flow over him. “Well, there is a catch.
I have to go on a double date—”

“Nope!” Al interrupted Mike before he could finish.

“No? What do you mean, no? You didn’t let me finish,” Mike

“I already know where this is headed, and I can’t be a part of it.
I’m a married man, Mike. I can’t get involved in your shenanigans.”

“That’s good because I wasn’t going to ask you to go on the
double date anyway.”
Everyone at the table laughed. Al seemed relieved but at the
same time a bit disappointed. “Oh. Well, good. I didn’t wanna go

“My man Mike!” Roc said. “I knew you would look out for me.
It turns out I’m free this weekend too.”

“What are you talking about?” Mike asked. “I thought you already
had plans.”

“Now you know the only thing better than pussy is new pussy.
Those girls were last night’s news. I’m on to the next, and with a
girl as fine as this new one, I know she has to have some friends of
the same cloth.”

Mike lowered his face to his plate of food. “Yeeeeeaaah, it’s not
gonna be you either.”
Roc leaned in a little closer with his ear out. “I’m sorry—what?”

“I can’t take you with me, all right?”

“Why not?”

“Because you already hit on Daisy like a complete savage. What
would I look like showing up with you as her girlfriend’s date?
Which, by the way, is code for best friend, so she has her best interest
in mind. Me bringing you makes me look like a poor judge of
character, which in turn means she can’t trust me. And if she can’t
trust me, then she’s not gonna be giving up anything. I’m sorry,
but you’re too much of a liability.”

Roc stared at Mike, unmoved. “So let me get this straight. You
take the girl I initially hit on, and then you shut me out from getting
the friend? That’s foul, Mike. You’re foul. I thought it was bros
before hoes, but clearly you have a different agenda. That hurts,
Mike. That really hurts, but I forgive you because you can’t go

Mike cringed. Roc was trying to lock eyes with him, but Mike
wouldn’t even look up. “You are done with the bad news, right?”
Roc asked.

“Well, not exactly,” Mike said as he looked over to Junior, who
was busy stuffing his face. Junior looked up, puzzled as to why everyone
was staring at him.

Roc shook his head. “Oh, hell no! We are officially not friends


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The Color of Love

Ty Mitchell

Author: Ty Mitchell

I write books and help writers get through their literary journey. I am the author of The Color of Love. Each week, I send out a newsletter with free tips on writing and creativity. Follow me on Twitter @Ty_Mitchell or on Facebook @the-vpf.

Ty Mitchell

Ty Mitchell

I write books and help writers get through their literary journey. I am the author of The Color of Love. Each week, I send out a newsletter with free tips on writing and creativity. Follow me on Twitter @Ty_Mitchell or on Facebook @the-vpf.

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